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369 TV Film Studio Leicestershire

About 369 Film Studios Ltd

Our studio has proven to be flexible in hosting a wide variety of film shoots. We have enough room for sets, props and crew. It is a perfect place to shoot green screen scenes for your film, short videos, music videos and all kinds of indoor scenes. We provide all the facilities to make your shoot run smoothly and look effortless.

369 Film Studios Ltd was born in the Summer of 2017 but didn't open for nearly a year. The previous incumbant MATV had vacated some 10yrs before we brought her back to life. We pride ourselves at being able to offer realistic film sets that are hard to obtain and expensive to hire, like a Post office, a night club, Police cell and many more. We try to offer various props relevant to the film set, we also have some outfits & costumes.

Location & set viewing is always recommended.

369 Film Studio - Leicestershire

Please call us or fill out our enquiry form. We will be more than happy to discuss your Film and TV production requirements with you.