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Film Studio Hire in London, Studio Company with Production Space & Facilities in Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Reading, Lutonand throughout UK.

Studio Film Sets & Film Studio Hire in London

Available at our studio premesis in London we have a high end facility for TV, film and commercial productions. Stages, props, workshops and more.

The London production space can be hired in conjunction with a suite of back stage facilities including dressing rooms, make up, wardrobes, green room and production offices as required.

You will have sole use of the studio and access to all film sets.
Secure studio with buzzer entry only.

London Film Studio Set List:

  • Drinks Bars - Casino / Pub / night club / cocktail, dartboard, fire escape doors
  • Night Club / Disco / Dance floor / Lights
  • Sound stage 40 foot wide
  • Casino - Poker table seats 10. Blackjack table seats 8. Drinks bar. Black surround curtaining, chips / cards etc
  • Kitchen with adjoining dining room, french doors
  • Lounge
  • Police cell, with Cell door and establishing stairwell shot
  • Police Interview Room, with 2 way mirrors, uniform Jackets and head dress.
  • Police Observation Room.
  • Corridor, 6 doors, 30 feet long, ceiling, lights, door signs. Left turn, right turn.
  • Goods Lift, with inner fence gate
  • Bedroom, attic style slanting ceiling, window
  • Bank Vault, walk in, 2 sided door, Gold Bullion, cash bundles. 8 x 4
  • Fire Escape with rusty looking steel stairs with platforms
  • Food Preppers Store, post apocalyptic, emergency items 10 x 8
  • Green Room, with TV & coffee vending machine
  • Actors Dressing Room
  • Actors Changing room/cubicles x 2
  • Hair & Makeup Dept.
  • Male & female toilets
  • Hidden Wall Safe, behind a picture frame
  • Satanic Shrine. 8 x 4
  • Chroma Key Room / Green screen, with gliding horizontal harness, swings, hanging ledge & furniture. 24ft x 10 x 8
  • Nurses Treatment room, with blue curtains. Sutre, hyperdermic needles, fake blood, bandages etc. Treatment bed.
  • Doctors consultancy Room with examination bed.
  • Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Room/Tent, Lights, extraction, fans and artificial plants. 10ft x 10ft
  • Craft / prop making areas.
  • Bespoke Build spaces 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep
  • RED ROOM / BDSM / sex play room, toys, ropes, (with peepshow entrance)
  • Peep Show entrance & Window
  • Judge's chambers / Lawyers Library. .Full law book shelves. .Barristers gown & wig
  • Santa's Magical Grotto...
  • Post Office Counter with shop. Leicester East Delivery & Sorting Office. All relevant props.
  • Post Office Shop
  • Empty Room 10 x 14, 360 black curtain surround.
  • Padded cell, straight jacket (SETS UNDER CONSIDERATION / CONSTRUCTION)

We offer Film Studio Hire in London, Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Reading, Luton and throughout the UK.

We offer a bespoke film set build service and indeed a film prop making service.
We provide a variety of lighting from studio ceiling par spots to various floor standings.

Film Studio Hire in Birmingham - Chroma Key Room

Our Chroma Key room includes a gliding harness, horizontal and vertical, a Ceiling hanging ledge, furniture, swings and air blowers. The Green screen is 22'W x 10'H x 8' deep.

Film Studio Hire in Birmingham - Space

We offer many spaces. Viewing is reccommended.

Film Studio Hire in Birmingham - Caft Services.

We offer a cold lunch & hot dinner service for numbers of 10 or more. Menu available. Please message for more details

Viewing is welcomed and indeed recommended. Please call us to arrange a convenient day and time. We are open 7 days a week.

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